” It is 100% natural.”


It is important to remember that Natural Mineral Water is the premium standard of bottled water offered for sale as beverage. Balian water’s classification as Natural Mineral Water refers to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI 6242 2015) with reference to the international CODEX standard 108-1981, which certifies that this water is clearly distinguishable from Mineral Water and other ordinary drinking water because:

It is obtained directly from a natural underground source;

It maintains a constant composition and a higher level of microbiological purity;

It is collected and bottled close to the point of emergence of the source with particular hygienic precautions and without using chemical conservatives.


One should know that the Indonesian National Standards (SNI) adopted by the Indonesian Food and Drug Agency (BPOM) for the certification for food and beverages offered for sale in Indonesia directly refers to the Codex Alimentarius international standards ( defined with the International World Health Organization (WHO) contributing to its safety and quality.

For your health and safety in Indonesia one should always drink water, which is certified by SNI.

There are only 2 standards:

Thanks to the imagination of marketing people, bottled waters are often labeled as artesian water, spring water, purified water, detox water, oxygen water, reverse osmosis water, kangen enagic water, beauty water, alkaline water and many more. Remember these are descriptive definitions, not certifications.


Balian water is bottled in limited quantity without using chemical conservatives and preserves a stable taste. It contains essential minerals and a neutral pH good for your health, which is shown on its label for more transparency to its consumers:

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