BALIAN water, BALI’s first Natural Mineral Water

Although it is relatively new, it has quickly become the most favorite choice of water for many in BALI.

As BALIAN water has been advertising in BALI POCKET for some months now we became curious about it so the BALI POCKET team decided to find out what makes BALIAN water so special and what is really Natural Mineral Water compared to Mineral Water, Demineral Water and other drinking waters so common on the market place here in BALI.

Certification for all bottled water brands sold in Indonesia whether local or imported has to follow the SNI regulation with reference to the international CODEX Alimentarius standards in which Natural Mineral Water is defined as being distinguishable from other ordinary drinking water because it follows a number of more stringent criteria altogether.

In the case of BALIAN water what we established is that it is truly certified as Natural Mineral Water. It follows the following criteria:

•“It is characterized by its content of certain mineral salts and their relative proportion” and “the constancy of its composition”. BALIAN water follows a long journey underground so its composition is constant and is not affected by the dry or the rainy season. It has the same taste all year long!

•“It is obtained directly from a natural or drilled source from underground water”. BALIAN water is from a free flowing spring. It is not pumping the aquifer like many or harming the ecosystem. It’s natural and eco-friendly!

•“It is packaged close to the point of emergence of the source with particular hygienic precautions”. BALIAN factory is located by the spring on Mount Agung so we know its origin. It is not transported by trucks before being bottled or tap water converted into drinking water!

•“It is collected under conditions which guarantee the original microbiological purity”. BALIAN water is collected under strict technical conditions using stainless steel equipment. It is the guarantee that it is not stored in big plastic tanks!

•“It is not subject to any treatment other than those permitted by the standard”. BALIAN water is free of treatments and doesn’t contain chemical conservatives. It can be considered as organic food!

But what we like most about is BALIAN water is its low mineral content and neutral pH, which gives it a soft and neutral taste. Try it and it is likely you will adopt it like we did in our office. Thanks to BALIAN we have all increased our daily intakes of water. And now let’s hope for BALIAN water in new format!