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Locavore And The Natural Way

Chefs Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah created Bali’s game changing Locavore restaurant in Ubud with the notion to create food and drinks using more than 95 per cent local ingredients. The duo’s extraordinary culinary skills and altruistic business plan struck gold. Read More

Balian Sparkles

Stay hydrated and help make the earth a better place with BALIAN’s new beautifully designed glass bottles. This pure mineral water is sourced directly from a free-flowing spring on the slopes sacred Mount Agung, the highest volcano in Bali, which means it creates a smaller carbon footprint than imported brands. In addition, it is certified […]


Non, il ne s’agit pas d’une nouvelle recette de combustion pour un moteur à explosion mais, une fois n’est pas coutume, une occasion de survoler dans cette rubrique culinaire des ingrédients de la table rarement cités jusqu’ici… BALIAN WATER, L’EAU MINERALE NATURELLE DE L’AGUNG Dans la classification de l’eau potable vendue en bouteille et en […]

BALIAN water, BALI’s first Natural Mineral Water

Although it is relatively new, it has quickly become the most favorite choice of water for many in BALI. As BALIAN water has been advertising in BALI POCKET for some months now we became curious about it so the BALI POCKET team decided to find out what makes BALIAN water so special and what is […]